Personal fitness training with a focus on body, mind and spirit wellness is my passion. Seeing my clients gain results brings me great satisfaction. Since 1993, I’ve created healthy lifestyles for individuals through specialized, balanced programs of nutritional counseling, weight management, cardiovascular conditioning, strength training and core-stabilization.

In addition to professional fitness training that is safe, healthy and effective, I provide motivation by living a healthy lifestyle and walking the walk with you, in a non-judging way, to help move your body AND lift your spirits!

Endre' G. Witthoeft
Personal Trainer
True Grit Fitness, LLC


I design specialized fitness programs for you based on your fitness level and goals. Some examples of my clients include: mothers who want to drop post-natal pounds, executives who need to de-stress, tennis prodigies, elderly clients with physical limitations, and running enthusiasts looking to improve their race results.


Train in your home, your office, your condo/retirement community, outside in parks -- I bring all of the necessary equipment to you.


I provide a variety of training programs, including: weight loss, total health and wellness, sport-specific training for tennis, running and triathalons, elderly fitness, partner and small-group fitness.


Together we set reasonable goals to achieve lasting results. I track your progress by logging each workout in your fitness journal and monitor your results through body analysis (body fat testing, measurements and weigh-ins).


To get fit you’ve got to have grit – body strength takes strength of mind. I’ll help you get past what you think you can’t do and show you what you can.


Any of my clients will tell you, I provide excellent customer service. I have served the Main Line of Philadelphia since 1998. My earlier training experience was in New York and Los Angeles. I worked with celebrities who would only accept the best service – yet I believe everyone deserves the star treatment. I know my reputation is only as good as my last session. You will always receive high-quality training, whether I’ve trained you for ten minutes or ten years.


Your training is always up-to-date because I expand my knowledge by attending seminars, reading fitness journals and testing new training methods. I keep my certifications current with continuing education and provide you with information pertinent to your fitness interests.


“True Grit Fitness is more than just fitness training … it’s all encompassing – mind, body, and spirit. Endre' meets you where you are in life, in a non-judgmental way, and encourages total health and wellness.”

Edna Adelberg, Excellent Mother of Four Great Children

"Endre' – Inspiring; truly inspiring …"

Dr. Richard Yudell, Child Psychitrist

"6am is an early start, but I must keep going all day. Training with Endre' jumps starts my day so I can tackle the stresses of the business world."

Jeremy Coote, CEO

"I have been working with Endre' for about 10 years now, and I can't say enough good things about him. Endre' constantly tracks the latest news in nutition, exercise and weight training, and keeps our workouts fresh and motivating."

"Endre' has always been ver professional in every way. His knowledge, punctuality, dependability and attention to detail are what make him special."

"Without hesitation I would recommend him to anyone who wants to work with a personal trainer. Endre' is the best!"

Vicky Johnson, Excellent Golfer

ACE American Council on Exercise
USPTR U.S. Professional Tennis Registry
IDEA International Fitness Association
MES Medical Exercise Specialist
A-I Active Isolation Stretching
CPR American Red Cross
ACE TRX Certified Trainer
ACE Pre/Post Natal Fitness
ACE Stability Ball Training
ACE Mat Pilates
ACE Yoga
ACE Running Periodization
ACE Effective Strength Training
ACE Heart Saver Provider Course
ACE Body Weight Training


Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis Center, Fitness Trainer 2000-2003
Designed and implemented tennis training periodization programs for top level players.

Consulted and created fitness programs for residents with specific needs --taught classes and helped hire a staff fitness trainer.

St. David’s Church, “Exercise in Faith” 2007 – ongoing program
Volunteer and provide faith-based, inspirational group exercise programs to congregation.