Small Group Training makes personal training effective and affordable for all!

My small group training provides you with the highest level of safe, balanced personal training in a small group of 5-10 participants. This motivational, complete total body workout includes strength, cardiovascular, core-stabilization, and yoga-flexibility with upbeat music and an inspiring quote of the day. I take special care to ensure that each person is working at their own fitness level. You still get individual attention and results in a session that is cost effective, convenient, and fun.

Where does True Grit Small Group Training take place?

Personal residences, township parks/facilities, condominium & apartment complexes and retirement communities.

Why choose Group Exercise?

The American College of Sports Medicine, the American Council on Exercise and one of my favorite health experts, Dr. Kenneth Cooper from the Cooper Institute in Dallas, all make note that small group training is the best way to stay in an exercise program and see healthy results -- there is accountability, it is more affordable then one-on-one training, and it's fun!

Extras: A True Grit Fitness T-shirt and a weekly health and wellness article.

Packages: All packages are based on a four-week investment in your health. Payment is rendered prior to the first session, either by cash or check, for the desired package below.

Terms of packages: Rain dates will be made up based on a majority group consensus. All missed sessions are accountable for.